Sunday, May 31, 2009


Well, I have officially arrived in Japan. Becky, Amy, Brad, and I all arrived within an hour of each other at the airport yesterday. The plane ride went pretty well, very long, but no major issues. Mark Blakely picked us up.
After we landed we all got in the church van (everything is on the opposite side here. the side of the road you drive on, where the doors are on the cars, where the driver sits, etc) and headed through Tokyo to drive straight through Tokyo to get to Noborito. It took us about 2 hours to drive from the airport to the Noborito church and Tim and Christine's house.
We all had dinner at Tim and Christine's and were joined by Tim, Christine, Abe Huber, Mark, his wife Yuiko, Mark's daughter Hana (pronouced the same way as my name), and Joe (another young man who works with PAZ). Yuiko made a golden curry chicken and rice dish that was absolutely delicious.
Mark took us girls to our apartment. It's actually bigger than I thought it would be. Hopefully within the week I'll have pictures up online for everyone to see. The apartment pretty much has two bedrooms a kitchen and a bathroom. And our bathroom is split up into three seperate rooms.
Well, today (Sunday) we all are going to lunch in just a little bit and then we're going to do some shopping for the apartment. I miss everyone at home. Thank you for the prayers!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Last Days at Home

Today's Tuesday, only four more days left at home. Today I work my last day for AAYA (with Tammy), this afternoon Abby and I are gonna spend some time together just the two of us working on a puzzle. Then this evening Darren's mom (Teri) and I are going out to TGI Fridays for dinner just the two of us.
Wednesday morning I'm going out to eat with my dad for breakfasat, and then I think my family is having lunch with my grandma and grandpa. That afternoon, Ruth and I are going to go out and hang out just the two of us and then I'll go to youth group for the last time.
Thursday is just a family and friends day. I'm planning on finishing my packing and just being with my family, friends, and Darren.
Friday morning we'll all get to the airport around 7-7:30am and by 8:30am I'll head back and wait for my flight with just Amy. My first flight leavs out of Peoria at 9:30am and we'll fly up to Chicago. It'll take about 45 minutes to get to Chicago. We'll have a 2 hour delay in Chicago, which is great. That gives us more than enough time to go to our next gate. Then it's straight to Tokyo, Japan. Yes, that's going to be a very very long flight, but I've seen the list of movies that will be playing and they all look good. lol!
Once we land in Japan, Mark Blakely will be at the airport to pick us up. Mark will take us back to our apartment and will most likely meet up with Tim and Christine.
Well, that's the last couple days of me being at home.
Your hands and feet in Japan~ Hannah