Wednesday, August 26, 2009

English Camp 2009

Well, it's been a week since we all went to the English Camp. It was a lot of fun, hard work, but fun.
We first arrived at the English Camp a little after 9am and had a quick meeting with the other 3 families that were there. We just mainly discussed how we were going to run the camp and what to do with the kids who came. We weren't going to have any specific English "classes" the kids were just not aloud to speak in Japanese for the two days.
When the kid first started arriving, I will admit, I was really nervous as to how I would communicate with some of the ones who didn't speak very good English. But everything went really well. We all played games, made up chants for our teams, made up special handshakes, ate some really great food, went swimming, painted rocks and coffee cups, and just had a great time.
It was a really busy schedule, but everything just flowed. We played "Go Fish" with the girls that roomed with us during our free time. They loved it! Monday night we had a big bonfire and a mini-fireworks show. The whole camp was very well done.
Christine was in a group with some of the young mothers and their kids, and she was able to have some really great conversations with them. One of the mothers said she would like to come to the Fuse sometime.
After all the kids went home, Debbie, Tim, Christine, and I all went our to Andy's house. (Andy was one of the leaders who put on the camp) We all just spent the evening eating dinner and relaxing. It was so nice to talk with Andy, his wife (Mami), Kenji (another leader), and his wife (Nozomi). It was encouraging as well. They gave us ideas for the Fuse and offered to help if they could.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

a little update

Sorry, it's been awhile since I last updated things here. We've been really busy with the Fuse changing days, some missionaries leaving, and some new ones coming.
Brad, Becky, and Matt have left to go back to the States to go to school this fall. Brad and Becky left at the end of July, and Matt left a week ago. We all miss them tons, but we're all glad to have new people coming too. Vanessa came two weeks ago (she went to ORU with Debbie) and Tim just got here last week. (Tim's from the Ontario, Ohio church) Caren will come next Tuesday, she's also a friend of Debbie's from ORU. Joe is coming the first week of September, he's from Colorado. Vanessa, Tim, Caren, and Joe will all be here at least 6 months.
We are still praying for more missionaries to come. Specifically next spring when Debbie, Amy, and I will be leaving. We're currently looking for missionaries who have a heart for the Japanese and love to hang out and have fun but also are responsible enough to be able to live on their own and keep up with the many responsibilities we have here. If you know anyone who would want to come, or you would like to come, please feel free to Facebook me or e-mail me if you have questions. Or go to and e-mail Tim and Christine Huber.
Lots of things have been going on with the Fuse. Originally we started with the plan to have meetings on Sunday mornings, but just like in any other and high school kids don't like getting up before noon on the weekends. So we switched the meetings to Saturday afternoons at 3pm. We had a rough start the first two weeks because we changed times right as it became Obon (pronounced "oh" - "bone") season. It's basically the Japanese version of Day of the Dead, where they celebrate the life of their ancestors. So most of our friends all went home, and couldn't come to the Fuse for a couple weeks. But things are doing great again, we just had another meeting yesterday, and everyone was back again.
We all went for sushi last week, I tried three new types of sushi this time. I had red caviar, bbq eel, and sea snake. The caviar was great! I absolutely loved it. The eel was ok, it has little bones in it, so it had almost a hairy texture. The sea snake was terrible! That goes in the category of food I will not eat again. It had a mushy texture and tasted like bad fish.
Mark has been taking us to the beach. We have to catch a train at 5:30am to ride the train for an hour to go out to the ocean. We're all learning how to surf. It's a lot of fun, but very painful. Right now the only time anyone is aloud to surf is 5pm - 8am. Even though it's an early morning, we all have a blast!
Next Monday and Tuesday (8/24-8/25) we will all be going to an English camp and taking care of some kids. It's not a Christian event, but it's run by members of the Noborito church. All of the camp counselors will be Christians and people from the Noborito church. It's going to be lots of fun!