Sunday, October 18, 2009

So much to do so little time

Well, praise God I officially have a new laptop. It's an HP. Very nice! Thanks to my parents for finding it for me and to Gene and Joyce Galat (friends of our friend Tremont that are here visting for a couple weeks) who brought the computer with them.
But with having a new computer means I have to get caught up on all the things I fell behind on during the past month. (blog, newsletter, Fuse stuff, etc) So I've spent the last couple days trying to get caught up. It's been interesting. I've had to go through all the pictures on Facebook and pull them off there and resave them to my computer, I've had to type out a months worth of Tuesday morning meeting notes, and a whole bunch of other stuff.
I never really realized how dependant on my computer I am. It makes things so much easier and faster. I've also realized how much I love Windows Vista. I've tried working on other computers during the past month with other processing's been interesting to learn about them.
Gene and Joyce Galat arrived last week and they will be helping Tim and Christine with the new church building the church in Noborito bought. They will be helping them plan out the renovation plans for it. They will stay until October 28.
Christine, Debbie, and Vanessa all leave on October 27 for just over a week to go to Indonesia for a short little missions trip. That will leave us short three people for a Fuse meeting, but it's okay because we're using that as a great opportunity to get more Japanese helping out.
We also have two new short-termers coming on October 29. Both are named Ben. They will be staying about a month and are from Grand Junction, Colorado. From what we've heard they are both computer guys so it'll be great to have someone help Joe out with all the tech stuff. (Joe is our computer fix it man)
This month we also have 4 birthdays within the Fuse team. Joe Motter (not the Joe mentioned above...this Joe is our drummer...this Joe also goes by the nickname of Mochida) had a birthday on the 5th. Vanessa's birthday is tomorrow (19th). Amy's birthday is the 23rd. Tim Huber's birthday is the 25th. Lots of birthdays, though, means lots of cake and lots of fun!
Not much else is going on right now, and I have to keep working on more catching up work. I can't wait until I'm all caught up. :)