Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Random Pictures from Japan!

Me and my beautiful roomie, Amy!!!!
Stephen, Debbie, and Nessa being weird!
This is typical of Amy and I. I ask if I can dropkick the little dogs and she always stops me and tells me how cute they are.
Me, Nessa, Caren, Debbie, and Amy. My amazing, beautiful sisters, and friends from Japan.
Nessa and Caren (and Debbie's fingers) goofing off on the train.
Tim, Amy, Nessa, and I....we get bored on the train sometimes.
My Japanese parents, Tim and Christine Huber, also the directors of PAZ Japan.
Nessa and I....she's one of my best friends now
Caren and Debbie
Joe being weird.....he stole my camera for that pic I think.
All 5 of us girls walking arm in arm down a beautiful path.
Going from youngest to oldest....Amy, myself, Debbie, Nessa, and Caren.
Some Japanese scenery.
Debbie stole my camera.....Love you Debs!
The whole team in November 2009....Kengo, Tim, Ben, Joe, Nessa, Amy, Debbie, Caren, Benny, myself, Christine, and Tim Huber.
Mt. Fuji
That's Mt. Fuji sitting across the lake.
Snorts and Giggles time at our house.
The beach where we had the team retreat in September.
Again goofing off on the train....yea we get bored...
Fuse Jesus Community.....all are welcome....even the weirdos! Just kidding! This is my family and I'm proud of them and I love them all so much!!!!

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